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Everything You Need To Know About O Rings and Oil Seals

Karthik Auto Sales was born in 1989 as a sole proprietorship in the industry. We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, and wholesaler of Automotive O Ring, Hydraulic Hose Pipe, Hydraulic Seal, Rubber Bellow, and many more. Our product lines are eco-friendly in nature and remarkable in their durability and robustness. Our products are whole areas of exact dimensions and have the ability to resist for a long time. We always have our continuing customer satisfaction and work according to needs and the demand of our customers.

We are the leading manufacturers of EPDM, SILICON, NBR, and VITON Oil seals o rings in Chennai. For more information contact us or call +91 9444405747.

Manufacturers of EPDM, silicon, NBR, viton oil seals o rings chennai

What is Rubber O Ring?

In static and dynamic applications where there is relative motion between parts and the potential for friction, a rubber O ring is a mechanical gasket in the form of a torus or donut. Rubber O rings provide a number of advantages, including ease of manufacture, low cost, dependability, resilience to pressure, and simplicity of mounting. They are created using a variety of synthetic rubber compounds, including silicone, Viton, nitrile, and many more.

Chemical compatibility, hardness, abrasion performance, permeability, temperature resistance, and pressure resistance are all factors to consider when choosing the right kinds of rubber for O ring applications. Engineers can select the correct rubber O ring to completely suit the requirements of an application and its operating conditions thanks to the countless variety of rubber O rings available.

Materials for Rubber O Rings

The variety of rubber materials available makes it difficult to choose the type of rubber that will be used to create rubber O rings. To seal connections and stop leaks, rubber O rings are an elastomer material. They are an efficient and straightforward remedy that is simple to produce, transport, and utilize.

  • Nitrile Rubber
  • Viton
  • Silicone Material
  • Neoprene (CR) Elastomers


Alcohol, water, greases, and other environmental conditions can be used with EPDM oil seals. Organic and inorganic acids, salt and potassium alkalis, water, steam, and cleaning chemicals are all resistant to EPDM oil seals. Steam and hot water are not only resistant to ethylene propylene o rings (EPDM), but also to alcohol, strong alkalis, and fluids used in automotive applications.

Nitrile Rubber (NBR or Buna-N)

Nitrile is a type of synthetic rubber made from butadiene and acrylonitrile (ACN). Depending on how ACN and butadiene are mixed, NBR performs differently and has different applications. The rubber has a lower glass transition temperature when it contains less ACN. Resistance to some types of solvents is created by a higher ACN concentration. Nitriles are well-liked for their affordable price and great performing qualities.


Fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber combination called Viton. It is a fluorinated hydrocarbon rubber made to survive difficult circumstances. There are many grades of Viton, such as one that frequently goes into O rings and has 66% fluorine.

Silicone Material

Silicone is a type of elastomer formed from polymers derived from quartz that contains silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Methyl, phenyl, and vinyl are combined to create silicone O rings. Oil, corrosion, chemicals, and solvents are not able to harm silicone O rings. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has allowed their usage in the production of foods and beverages due to their non-toxicity and exceptional cleanliness.

Neoprene (CR) Elastomers

Neoprene is a polymerized form of chloroprene. It is created by 2-chlorobutadiene or chloroprene being emulsion polymerized. Neoprene O rings are resistant to oxidation, weathering, and UV light. They can endure the effects of various chemicals as well as oils, fats, and petroleum compounds.

Why are Rubber O Rings used?

O rings are an essential part of many precision-designed systems due to their remarkable features. They are one of the most affordable and dependable ways to create a robust seal because of their innate tendency to revert to their original shape when the cross-section is put under strain.

O rings can be produced from a variety of materials, which is another factor in their widespread use. Elastomers, a type of elastic polymer, are used to make the bulk of o rings, but there is a wide selection of these elastomers available, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and tolerances. Which type of material is best depends on the application the o ring is intended for, for instance:

High and low temperatures

Fluorosilicate and silicone can withstand temperatures as low as -100 °C. A seal that can withstand freezing temperatures will be necessary for cryogenic activities. FFKM is effective at very high temperatures up to 316°C.

Chemical compatibility

O rings made of Viton, often referred to as FKM/FPM, are resistant to a variety of chemicals and can withstand high temperatures.

Hot water and steam

Steam and hot water are not only resistant to ethylene propylene o rings (EPDM), but also to alcohol, strong alkalis, and fluids used in automotive applications.

Grease and hydraulic fluids

Where there is a lot of greases or hydraulic fluid present, Buna-N or nitrile O rings should be used.

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