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What Are O-Rings? Where and Why Are They Used?

Karthik Auto Sales was born in 1989 as a sole proprietorship in the industry. We are a leading manufacturer, supplier, trader, and wholesaler of Automotive O Ring, Hydraulic Hose Pipe, Hydraulic Seal, Rubber Bellow, and many more. Our product lines are eco-friendly in nature and remarkable in their durability and robustness. Our products are whole areas of exact dimensions and have the ability to resist for a long time. We always have our continuing customer satisfaction and work according to needs and the demand of our customers.

Suja O Rings Distributors in Chennai offered by Karthik Auto Sales is one of the trustworthy names in the industry with a team of experts. For more information contact us or call +91 9444405747.

Suja O Rings Distributors in Chennai

Why are O Rings used?

O rings are an essential part of many precision designed systems due to their remarkable features. They are one of the most affordable and dependable ways to create a robust seal because of their innate tendency to revert to their original shape when the cross section is put under strain.

O rings can be produced from a variety of materials, which is another factor in their widespread use. Elastomers, a type of elastic polymer, are used to make the bulk of o rings, but there is a wide selection of these elastomers available, each with unique strengths, weaknesses, and tolerances. Which type of material is best depends on the application the o ring is intended for, for instance:

High and low temperatures

Fluorosilicate and silicone can withstand temperatures as low as -100 °C. A seal that can withstand freezing temperatures will be necessary for cryogenic activities. FFKM is effective at very high temperatures up to 316°C.

Chemical compatibility:

O rings made of viton, often referred to as FKM/FPM, are resistant to a variety of chemicals and can withstand high temperatures.

Hot water and steam:

Steam and hot water are not only resistant to ethylene propylene o rings (EPDM), but also to alcohol, strong alkalis, and fluids used in automotive applications.

Grease and hydraulic fluids:

Where there is a lot of grease or hydraulic fluid present, Buna-N or nitrile O rings should be used.

What are O Rings used for?

In order to prevent a liquid or gas from escaping, Suja O rings are employed to restrict potential pathways. The o ring is crushed between two surfaces after being inserted into a groove to hold them there. By applying pressure, you prevent the o ring from moving and block the passageway for the liquid or gas you are attempting to seal in place.

The Suja o ring maintains a flawless seal even at extremely high or low pressures by being squeezed against the opposing wall of the groove when the system is put under pressure. When the pressure is released, the o rings’ constituent elastomers—which are inherently springy and eager to assume their original shapes—spring back to their original positions, maintaining the seal and making them ready for the subsequent cycle.

Where might you find Suja o rings?

Suja o rings are frequently used in mechanical parts and processes because of how effective they are at preventing liquids and gases from moving about freely, especially in situations when temperature or pressure extremes are present. Applications like engines, boilers, freezers, and compressors are almost definitely immediately coming to mind. O rings, however, can also be discovered in some unexpected places, such as:

Scuba gear

O rings are a crucial part of the breathing system in scuba gear and can save your life. Prior to each dive, the diver will inspect the O-ring in the air tank’s neck to make sure it will provide a tight seal and feed air to their regulators rather than sea water.

Dental implants

Liquid must be kept out of dental implants in order to prevent pain or infection for the patient. They accomplish this using a biomedical silicone o ring, which creates an ideal seal and safeguards the new tooth.


Paintball guns fire globs of paint at unaware foes using compressed air. Throughout the entire pistol, o rings are employed to keep the air sealed in and guarantee a powerful shot.

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